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Cockatoo island, which is run by the ghosts of children removed from their parents

Added Fri, 07/06/2019
Дата публикации
Fri, 07/06/2019

This island is a funny name Cockatoo and not at all funny dark past lies in Sydney harbour in Australia, at the junction of the rivers Rosehill and lane Cove.

Now it is a historical site, where tourists and lined with old brick buildings. But in the period between 1839 and 1869 there was a place of exile for the worst of prisoners. Here came those who have already passed through the usual prison and continued to commit crimes and here they were used as slaves in the shipyards.

For the slightest offence they were beaten, tortured and held in tiny solitary cells, similar to coffins. The high mortality rate of the prisoners here were in the order of things, and it often occurred that the prisoners simply disappeared and their fates remain unknown.

By the end of the 19th century prison on the island was closed, but in these areas were placed "school" for aboriginal girls who are forcibly taken away from their parents. This sent those girls who tried to escape from the "missions", Christian orphanages, was aggressive and capricious. It was called the reformatory and spoke with the children only a little softer than before with dangerous criminals.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that the island of Cockatoo is better to avoid sensitive people, because with those dark times on this island forever settled the frightening ghosts. And they are not white spirits in a shroud, and the terrible shapeless shadows that flit among the buildings and within them.

These terrible shadow ghosts are regularly seen shipyard workers and the ghosts were very aggressive, they could easily push someone from a great height, push on the stairs. Some of the accidents that have occurred here with the workers, was blamed on the activities of ghosts.

Very often in the shops were broken electronic devices in the hallways itself was a very smelly smell of cigarette smoke and there in the corridors could hear sounds, as if feet children run and children's screams and squeals.

Very rare, but sometimes seen here and the classic ghosts, which was a translucent silhouettes of young girls in dresses of the 19th century. But where most of the workers got into some "cloud" where all their body had a feeling of intense fear and suffering.

It was like the concentration of the suffering experienced by the prisoners there, and then young aboriginal women. One of the most famous local ghosts are considered dead in childhood, the daughter of one of the prison wardens.

Here is how it says one of their local tour guides:

"This girl is very friendly and loves people to stroke her hair. One day we received a tour of schoolchildren with two teachers and they both came up to me and gently asked, whether on the island of anomalous phenomena, because they personally saw something very strange. And two years ago we asked a group of students as they slept and they said that bad, because to them several times during the night came the little girl in a white dress woke them up and asked to go outside to play with her."

Appearing and disappearing by themselves, the scents of cigarettes and tobacco is a separate issue from the guides:

"Before the arrival of a new group of tourists, we went to check the residence of the authorities, and in the room there, where once was the dining room, we smelled a strong smell of tobacco. There were six of us and we all smelled distinctly. However, this was only 20 seconds or so, then the smell was gone, as if it never happened."

Now Kakadu annually attracts a lot of tourists and students here carry on the historic tour. The glory of "island of ghosts" added to his popularity, especially among young people, but those who at least once personally faced with local ghosts, I prefer to not come.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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