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Eyewitness: hairy Night Strangler

Added Mon, 16/10/2017
Дата публикации
Mon, 16/10/2017

An eyewitness account of the mystical events (Author, location, and some dates not specified):

This story began in 1967. At that time my father often went on business trips, and my mother and I remained alone. When my dad wasn't, my mother came to visit her friend aunt Light. I had only just turned 13, and during her visits was not up to lessons. I opened the door and stood frozen, listening as my mom told my aunt about the Light of night terrors in our house. Mom said that almost every night to her dropping the creature is not visible, but felt that it is a hairy big man. He leans on her and tries to choke him. And my father does not believe the stories, believing that in this way she wants to ensure that he did not go on business trips. Mom also said to ask the father to change the apartment, but he wouldn't.

Aunt Light was once proposed to move the parent bed - what if it somehow hurt the nocturnal visits of a stranger? And so they did. But as it turned out during the next visit, aunt Amy, invisibility is not prevented. Mom even slept a few nights with me. I didn't feel the presence of the uninvited night guest. A mum told a friend: hairy came back to choke him. She said to aunt Light, which once even tried to Wake me.

- Do not touch the baby, let him sleep, ' hissed an overnight guest.

Mom then decided to go to her father in the city where he was on a business trip again to speak with him. Asked a friend to stay with me and spend the night with us. I really wanted to know, what is this hairy man. At two o'clock in the night, I got up and went to the room where the parent slept aunt Light. On the table burned a lamp. Silence. I quietly walked around the room, but none was found. Turned off the light, went to bed. When mom arrived, the aunt of Light told her:

- You can not imagine what I had such a fear. I fell asleep and suddenly hear the hall door open, and I had it covered. Heavy footsteps coming to the bed. Stopped at my feet. Dark, you see nothing. Thought your husband came and called his name in response. Scary as in horror! Turned on the light. There is no one. What here a dream! Are neither alive nor dead. And then your daughter comes in a white nightgown, like a Ghost. I pretended to sleep. She went and turned the lights off... me On even more fear caught up. You should go talk to the husband?

- He just quit on me! - answered her mother.

And after some time, the night mom died. See, the heart could not stand parishes uninvited night guest. I grew up, got married, had children, then grandchildren. After mom died it's been almost 40 years. My husband died. And here it began...

I read a lot about mystical creatures - brownies. When they come, we must ask: "For better or worse?" If you answer: "worse" - it is better to change the housing. To me this uninvited guest has come two times. Of course, I didn't see him but felt the cold breath, thin arms. It seemed to me that this creature of small stature. It is the village for me, tried to grab his throat. I fought back, decompresses these cold slippery hands, wanted to scream, but his throat was only a wheeze. Incredible force threw him off, quickly reached over, turned on the light and for a split second saw the evil eyes of some crooked it person, or animal on the floor. In the apartment I was alone and very scared. The second time I was not so scared. Being not yet approached me, but I felt coming from him a chill. The night visitor sat on the edge of the bed, and I heard as it creaked the springs. His hand touched my body. I pulled myself together and asked the invisible creature:

- For better or worse?

But there was no answer. Came to me and late husband. I have not seen, but felt. But my dog who slept in my room, the hair on the shoulder stood on end. The animal stared at the chair where my husband usually sat during his life, and was more of a growl.

- Are you here? Why did you come? Go! - loudly and angrily told me.

The dog after some time calmed down and was back at my feet. I decided to relocate and probably did the right thing. For many years, no overnight guests don't come to me.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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