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How evil is attacking random travelers, perched on the bed

Added Sun, 15/04/2018
Дата публикации
Sun, 15/04/2018

In Russian folk tales called the true stories or byvalino (that is, about what it really is) often tell about the special places in which evil spirit "lives permanently".

About this place, for example, mentioned Afanasyev:

"The devil comes at night to sleep in a machine, hut. If they elected a forest hut is a belated traveler or a hunter, the devil tries to show the door: that will swirl over the hut and shake her roof, then open the door."

Folklorist Balashov leads a series of such stories. Vasily Kuznetsov from the village of Strelna, for example, told the folklorist about his meeting with the evil spirits in roadside forest hut. For some needed Kuznetsov went on a sleigh in deep winter on a long trip through the woods.

On another night stopped in an empty squat hut with no Windows, wretched shelter for travellers. Had dinner and just lay down on the couch as he hears someone drove the deer to the house. Strums bells, the sleigh stopped at the door of the hut, and someone jumped off them, put a khorey (a stick with which to urge on deer) wall.

Kuznetsov waited for the guest and waited... never came.

— Is not. I went out of the house: no deer, nothing. And my deer stand how to be four deer. I came up to the hill, think he deer took over the hill. No no. "But — I say — scare started." Kuznetsov ran back into the house, closed the door, put out the oil seal. And suddenly, he recalls, by themselves, doors opened. — It was then that I became worse! And other doors opened, isbye. I ask: "Who?!" No one. I lit a match, the door was closed.

Only lay down — again, as both doors opened! Another time a match was lit. At the same moment the door to the oven, kind of like a rat, someone ran to the stove — at the crack of kiln — sucked, sucked, plunged in.

By the way, is one of people's nicknames brownie — Zamecnik.

Anthropologist A. Baiburin, commenting on the antics of evil spirits in the Russian village, says: — Zamecnik lives behind the stove. And back in the forest the cabin has occurred in the Chita region the meeting of the peasant Fyodor Trofimovich with evil spirits. Here is his testimony:

— I went hunting. Late. Went to the cabin. Decided to spend the night. Lay on the bench, the rifle was placed near the door in the corner and have not had time to fall asleep, I hear: accordion go doing that... Drove up to the cabin, as if dismounted. Heard open the door. I look in the lumen of the doors comes a man, a foot tall, followed by another. My the creeps went. Quietly, so as not to hurt them, from the bed jumped down, a hand reached out for his rifle, grabbed it — and at the door! And ran.

In the same area, but in a different cabin happened no less ominous meeting. Hunters Abakum Slim, his brother Greg and their friend Dmitri, that is at this time a group of witnesses, settled in the forest hut for the night. Hear, like people talking through the snow to the cabin. Went up and began to wander here and there around the house.

The hunters rushed out of the hut, ran around the circle, paraguas: "Who is there? Where's the walk?" But none was found. Went back to bed. Only formed in the window glass with your fingers caught. Back on the street, jumped out, ran around — there was nobody. They returned to the house.

The next minute the door of the hut swung open by itself as if it did boot. Well, there's the nerves of our hunters did not survive. They grabbed their coats with benches and rushed out of harm's way from the hut into the forest. Fled across the river five hundred meters away from her, laid a fire, so much so until the morning campfire and sat.

Another example from the records Onchukova. Hunter Ivan Chudinov stopped for the night in an empty roadside hut. Barely Chudinov fell asleep, as some force pulled his feet from the couch. The man swore hard. He climbed on the bed and on it at full length stretched out, as he was again grabbed his legs and threw it to the ground. This was repeated several times. Chudinov, in his words, "mother and not suffered" — have fled in terror from the hut. He had to pass the night under the open sky.

As we can see, evil spirits in all cases, seek their own — people in terror leaving winter quarters. Evil survives them familiar with it, apparently, places.

Here's a more modern message — from Siberia: the villager Bancino by the name of Cand went one summer on a cart on the forest road.

— Went, went, later, to the village did not get and decided to spend the night. Here, the author explains, Cand, off — road goes. I turned away from her a little, the horse has viprah. Lay under the cart. How will paderne from under my bed and pulled. I jumped: no no! Again took refuge, fell asleep. And again: once! What is it? No one is there! I let the cart roll back from the road away. Pulled and laid down. Until the morning, and slept quietly.

If you believe the true stories, evil spirits sometimes comes even in voice contact with the belated traveler in order to banish him from her chosen place.

For example, the voice of the Goblin happened to hear another old resident of the village Bancino. The original situation here is the same as in "the case of the Cand": night, road, the late traveler vibravet horse lies down to sleep — though not under the cart and on the cart. But further developments are somewhat different. The farmer heard a voice rang out from under the cart: — get out of here! At least twenty yards away!

The man says: — I just started shaking. Jumped off the cart, grabbed her and rolled down under Yuri. There went again into the cart and slept well. Are there any true stories some indication of the characteristic features of the stretch of road where there is a contact with evil spirits? Imagine there is.

Most often the evil power wielded on the convergence of roads. Or on rastani (the crossroads).

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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