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Eyewitness: a warning from the house and a strange dream

Added Wed, 10/01/2018
Дата публикации
Wed, 10/01/2018

Stories about paranormalnyh meetings from several authors.

A warning from the house

It happened back in 1990, somewhere in the winter. I was 31 years old. At that time I worked as a caregiver in the Child's Home (were there children up to 3-4 years). Worked in shifts, day and night, two days at home. The change usually came out with the same people. The Baby was only 4 groups, two on the ground floor and two on the second. My group was on the second floor.

That night there were four of us, as always, three teachers and one nurse. Started my shift 20 hours. Checked all doors and closed and bolted the main door. Nurses on the night shift was not, so the dirty work was done by themselves. In my group the children were small. As usual, the evening feeding children yogurt, started washing and putting children to sleep.

After tucking the children, went into the bathroom to rinse the diapers. While in the bathroom because of the noise of water I heard the footsteps and voice as I thought of the teacher from the group in front. Came out, looked around - no one. But clearly hear the retreating footsteps. Follow the steps in the group opposite, I go and see the teacher at the table, which wrote plans, bending over the table. At this point, you realize that she could not call me and even more to go ahead of me.

I slowly sank to highchair... What was written on my face, I don't know, but Valentina (she was older than me by 20 years) asked, "What happened?". To her question I answered with a question: "You see me now went?" Came the reply, "No."

And at this moment by the door, which I entered, followed the heavy man's steps. We both turned their heads toward the door and did not see Valentine shouted: "Who's there?" Unexpectedly, the answer came: "who, Who..."

We popped up following the steps on the landing – no one! Only steps stomping down the stairs! Four of us gathered on the landing of the second floor, next to the phone and discussing what to do and how to act, suddenly heard the rattling of dishes in the kitchen, which was on the first floor and again, sighs of "who, Who...".

On the verge of a nervous breakdown scored 02. The police came quickly, checked everything inside the building and walked outside on the perimeter. ANYONE! Only in the kitchen the lid was on the floor, and the pan was inverted. In a short time, specifically in October 1990, we announced the closure of the Child's Home to reorganize, and we all left without a job. Apparently, about this and warned us the House!

Author: Ludmila

Strange dream

Was me thirty years. I dream a dream or reality I do not understand.

As if getting out of the house and on the street heat, light, summer. Where I went, suddenly see before you a huge ball like a globe, standing on legs. I stop and stare, he suddenly opens as if it is separated down the side of the balloon and there steps a man in a silver suit and me as if he mentally said, "I want to fly"? I thought he and also mental say, "And back you me back?". He says, "Yes, refund".

I made it up the stairs into the ship, the door slammed shut, the ship was dark, only around some glowing green numbers. The second person tells me that hold on to the handrails. And handrails, as it made of stainless steel around the perimeter of the ship globe. I took the handrail and ...flew.

Held as some time must stop, as the door opened and I offered to go out and look around like that. I went to go and see the road is covered with black stone on the left wall is a dark yellow, to the right would also like some yellow sand.

Looking ahead is far away, but towards me, a tall woman in black as I now understand it, the hijab. I said to her "come here" but she is frightened, suddenly turned back, only remember her black eyes, beautiful but not very friendly. Then I went back to the corral, where I was offered a piece of bread to eat. Took bread, and look, this we have no, I this piece firmly clutched in his hand and woke up with a clenched hand. I opened the palm in the hope of seeing the piece, but there was nothing.

Is thirty-three years, I'm in my 63 years went East to visit, the Mediterranean sea. And then one day I went outside, went for a walk, go watch the same story when I flew to the ship 33 years ago, the same way you wall, same look and I see there are two women in hijab, even for a month, I have never met a women in a hijab!

Women came up to me, eyes I realized that one older, the other younger and they looked at me the same look as that woman! That such was the case with me.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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