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Gloomy legends of the Sverdlovsk region

Added Mon, 01/11/2021
Дата публикации
Mon, 01/11/2021

Ipatievsky House

House No. 49 on Voznesensky Prospekt (now ul.Sverdlov) it was demolished 25 years ago in order to erase from people's memory the terrible events associated with it. But thanks to this, the Ipatievsky House became even more famous.

Even historians do not hesitate to call it a "cursed place". They emphasize a bad mystical coincidence: Tsar Nikolai Romanov was married to Tsarina Alexandra in the Ipatievsky Monastery of Kostroma. And they finished their journey in the Ipatiev house. After the murder of the royal family, a branch of the Union of Atheists opened in the mansion, and later an Anti–religious museum.

Currently, unkind whispers around the place of execution of the royal family have not subsided. They say about the penitential Church-on-Blood under construction:

"It is built on blood and requires new blood."

4 people have already died at his construction site and several have been injured.

The estate of Rastorguev-Kharitonov

After Ipatievsky, this is the most tragically mystical house. The first owner of the house – merchant Lev Rastorguev - built the estate for 12 years.

According to family legend, he invited a convict from the Tobolsk prison as an architect. And promised him freedom at the end of the construction of the palace, or, at least, the organization of escape. But he didn't keep his word.

The convict architect returned to his chains and hanged himself, cursing both his creation and its owners.

Lev Rastorguev's death was mysterious. He killed his first wife, married a gypsy again. When he found out that she was cheating on him, he decided to kill both her and her lover. But on the same night, the household found the owner thrown out of the window.

After Rastorguev's death, the palace passed to his son–in-law, Peter Kharitonov. His cruelty and unbridleness were notorious. The peasants at the Kyshtym factories, which he owned, lived terribly. Their lives were not worth a damn. Kharitonov adored carousing: they say that during drinking parties, when half the city was lying drunk, the horses were given champagne from buckets. The disobedient were dealt with in the underground casemates of the palace. Stories about his "amusements" reached the tsar's palace, and a special commission was sent to Yekaterinburg to investigate. Kharitonov was exiled to an eternal settlement in an abandoned village, where he died.

After that, not a single heir dared to settle in the palace.

The estate of Rastorguev-Kharitonov still remains a mystery thanks to unexplored underground passages that permeate the ground beneath it.

Nevyanskaya Tower

They talk about her:

"Why is the tower askew? I took a lot of sin on myself, that's why I squinted."

The Nevyansk Tower was built by Akinfiy Demidov. Its main mystery is that it is built with a slope. Scientists and archaeologists still cannot understand the reason and significance of this.

And its mystical significance is the legend that there was a secret mint in its cellars, where workers minted silver and gold coins. When Demidov needed to hide this violation, he ordered the basements to be flooded together with the workers.

House of Zheleznov

Or the "haunted house" is the only one in Yekaterinburg. According to legend, in the mansion No. 56 on the street.Rosa Luxemburg lives the ghost of a woman in white. Whose it is is unknown.

Perhaps this is the spirit of the wife of the owner of the merchant Alexei Zheleznov's house, Maria. She was strange, unsociable, mentally not quite healthy. She died suddenly for some unknown reason. After her death, Alexey Zheleznov never married.


We thank the Yekaterinburg Diocese, the Museum of the History of Yekaterinburg, the Regional Museum of Local Lore for their help in preparing the material.

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