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At a military base in the Galapagos haunting headless woman

Added Wed, 29/04/2020
Дата публикации
Tue, 28/04/2020

Bright and Sunny Galapagos Islands in the distant Pacific ocean seem a very strange place for a scary Ghost.

However, local residents claim that on a former military base, the U.S. air force dwells a creature, Ghost or something else, and it haunts the nights of lonely men.

The creature is nicknamed "the Headless Gringa" ("gringa" - a derogatory nickname for white women) and it's not just frighten men, but attacks them.

This story is rooted in the years of the Second World war, when the U.S. military desperately needed a base in the vicinity of the Panama canal, they feared that the Japanese can take control of the channel. They chose the Galapagos Islands, because they were relatively close to Panama, has concluded a deal with Ecuador which owns the Islands, and quickly built on the island of Baltra their base.

On Baltra served 5 thousand people, was a runway, barracks, a bar and even a small cinema. Despite the fact that the soldiers never went into battle with the enemy, they regularly track enemy ships and submarines. After the war the base was transferred to Ecuador, who took her own soldiers.

According to legend, when it was the Americans, one of them was a friend who also worked on the base, or a nurse, or a signalman. She had a lot of young guys and a girl at some point broke down, tying the affair.

When her boyfriend found out about the affair, he's in a jealous rage pounced on her when she was standing on the edge of a high rocky cliff, and dropped down into the water. Along the way, she tripped over a rock with his head and his head torn off.

The soldier saw this and was afraid that it will be judged. He carefully hid his head and headless body, and all the rest told me that his friend went to swim and never came back, probably drowned. All believed him, of course there could be very tricky.

But when the Americans left the base and their place was taken by the soldiers of Ecuador, they were regularly inform about the Ghost of a headless woman. It is often seen in strong officers ' room, the so-called "Stone house", and even modern soldiers from time to time report on the observation of the Ghost of the "Headless Gringa".

She always appears in the dark always sees only a lone soldier, standing in the post or in the patrol. They describe it as a dark figure, as if folded out of the smoke, while clearly human, but without a head.

This Ghost using some kind of magic to attract soldiers. How else can one explain that those leaving their posts and go to the Ghost. Those who reached him near enough, claimed that he smelled the smell of Palo Santo (a local aromatic plant), if the Ghost in a good mood, and the heavy putrid smell, if he's angry.

Sometimes "the Headless Gringa" penetrates into military barracks, and assaulted sleeping military. It's like she remembers the times when he was alive and looking for male heat. The presence of a Ghost becoming tangible, when the soldier wakes up from an unusual gravity, as if it strongly pinned on top of something invisible and intangible. When the soldier opens his eyes, all the strange feelings immediately disappear.

The machinations of the "Headless Gringa" write off the strange events of the night crawlers. Sometimes the soldiers patrolling the base, suddenly somehow transported instantly from one place to another database, for example a second ago they were in the barracks, and after a moment, suddenly found themselves in the port area.

The most famous incident with this Ghost is often called the case with a drunk Ecuadorian soldier who stole a small pickup (it was the only car on base) and soon crashed into a pole near the military airport, at the time depriving the database of communications by radio.

He got in a car accident seriously injured, but survived and when recovered, began to tell that the culprit was the strange beautiful woman, he suddenly saw, when abused alcohol. She allegedly told him to steal the truck, persuaded him that he will be able to get more alcohol if you go by car.

The nearest store where you could buy alcohol was at a nearby island, so it is very difficult to explain this episode. Soldiers could be so drunk that he had a lapse of sanity, but in this case he hardly would have been able to steal the truck and especially to him for some time. So it is or to recognize a complete idiot , or really attribute it to the machinations of the Ghost.

Also curious detail is the fact that when the place of road accident there arrived some soldiers, they immediately began to report that the remains of the truck at the same time a horrible stench of rotten flesh and the scent of Palo Santo.

All of this can be considered for local stories for entertainment and scaring off newbies, but actually military Beltre very seriously "Headless Gringa". One of the former officers told me that one day more than a dozen soldiers at the base was so scared by the Ghost that slept in the same barracks, didn't go out after dark, and next to the barracks was put on the chain on the dog guarded them.

Also it was repeatedly reported that at night the soldiers hear the horn of a pickup truck and see the lights in his headlights in the dark. This is the same machine that the Ghost got to steal that soldier, and now she too became a Ghost and lures them to his other soldiers.

With all this we must remember that despite the fact that Galapagos is visited annually by thousands of tourists, Isla Baltra and its military base closed to them and to outsiders to be here is very difficult. The island has only a small group of soldiers, airmen and sailors.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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