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The people of China heard in the mountains "roar of the dragon", gathered on his quest

Added Mon, 06/07/2020
Дата публикации
Mon, 06/07/2020

Thousands of residents of the Chinese village gathered in order to find in the mountains, "a mysterious creature", which emits loud noises. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

According to local residents, the loud sound belongs to a huge creature that is the dragon hiding somewhere in the mountains.

Recently, the Network was published on the mysterious footage, where the locals gathered near the mountains in southwestern China province of Guizhou. On the recording heard the loud roar of an unknown animal, and someone excitedly shouts, "He growls! He growls!"

Fearing riots, the local authorities have set up checkpoints, stopping people. The hill was sent to a group of experts to ascertain the origin of these strange sounds.

It all started as local farmers 20 June 2020 said about the strange sounds coming from the top of the mountains. Local residents immediately gathered to look for the source, in advance believing that this creature is a dragon. In Chinese mythology, this creature is perhaps the most common character. Hence, most likely, a large faith of the Chinese in the reality of this creature.

Later, the experts found that this strange noise was coming from a small bird called the spotted treppenstra. It is little more than a Sparrow and is able to make a noise disproportionate to its size. When it's mating season, females make loud booming cries that could be heard at a distance of 100 metres.

Conclusion zoologists have confirmed the villagers, who saw the moment when these little birds published a powerful sound.

Local school teacher Liu Fukin told me that he had heard the roar of two times every seven minutes. The sound differs in significant depth, and it seemed very strange.

Local police reported that they detained four people for spreading rumors on the Internet about allegedly existing in the mountains of the dragon.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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