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Researchers have uncovered the mystery of UFOs in the Middle East

Added Sat, 28/10/2023
Дата публикации
Fri, 27/10/2023

A mysterious video published by the American UFO Research Association (AARO) earlier this year raised many questions. The video showed an unidentified metal ball moving at high speed over some buildings in the Middle East. Public discussion of the video began in April in the Senate Committee, when Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick of the Anomaly Resolution Office presented this video.

At that time, the video caused great intrigue, as it seemed to many to be proof of the existence of UFOs and their official recognition by the US government.

"This is a typical example of what we see most often," Kirkpatrick said. "We see it all over the world, and we see them doing very interesting obvious maneuvers."

Kirkpatrick also added:

"However, I can note that this case, in particular, did not demonstrate any mysterious technical capabilities and did not pose a threat to flight safety."

However, over time, the situation began to change. A group of investigative journalists, known as Bellingcat, presented a new look at this mysterious situation. Their conclusion was unexpected.

According to Bellingcat, the object captured on the video is not an alien ship or something supernatural at all. This object, in their opinion, is an ordinary balloon.

To confirm their theory, investigative journalists conducted a detailed analysis of the video. They tried to calculate the size of the object, the speed of its movement and the distance traveled based on the relative speed and altitude of the drone that captured this video.

Based on their calculations, if the object was at an altitude of about 600 meters, then its speed did not exceed 43 km / h. Such parameters, in their opinion, may well correspond to the movement of the balloon.

In addition, it should be noted that the observation occurred during one of the main Islamic holidays. During this holiday, the use of balloons is not unusual. This is a fact that may have influenced the interpretation of the event.

The question of the existence of UFOs and their official recognition by the US government remains unanswered. Although the idea of alien ships may be exciting, but maybe we're just looking at a festive balloon.

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