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Beetles and other insects

Flying insects in photos and videos can be mistaken for UFOs.

Shooting can take place in the daytime or in the evening. When moving, the outlines of the insect can be both blurred and clear. Depending on this, dark spots or spots of bizarre shapes can be taken for UFOs. The video shows UFOs hovering in the sky, flying in a straight line or moving along a complex trajectory (for example, shooting May bugs near a tree against the background of the evening sky). Insects can be mistaken for UFOs by accident, or given out intentionally. At night, they can be highlighted by a flash.

Some insects, due to the peculiarities of flight and the structure of the body, describe a characteristic trajectory with their wings and together with the body make up a certain pattern during flight, and at the same time can be taken for "skyfish", visible to the naked eye. An example of such insects is the fingerwing.

Fireflies are a family of beetles, a characteristic feature of which is the presence of glow organs on the last abdominal segments. Sometimes not only beetle imagos, but also their larvae and eggs have the ability to glow. It is customary to distinguish four main types of light signals that are characteristic of various representatives of the firefly family: continuous glow, intermittent glow, pulsation, and flashes. Many types of fireflies are so good at regulating the glow processes that they are able to reduce and increase the intensity of light or emit intermittent light. Some tropical fireflies are remarkable in that all their individuals, flown together, flash and go out at the same time.

Several chemical compounds are involved in the glow reaction. One of them is resistant to heat and is present in a small amount - luciferin. Another substance is the enzyme luciferase. Also, for the glow reaction, adenosine triphosphoric acid (ATP) is also needed. Luciferase is a protein rich in sulfhydryl groups. Light is produced by the oxidation of luceferin. Luciferases from various fireflies generate bioluminescence with wavelength maxima from 548 to 620 nm. They can be mistaken for will-o ' - the-wisps, prazraks, and UFOs both in photos and in real life.

Ant circles (ant turn, Death spiral, Death carousel, Death mill) — a natural phenomenon, consisting in the fact that one or a small group of worker ants that are blind, at first glance, completely without reason, begins to run in a closed circle, gradually involving more and more other ants in its endless cycle.

Sensing the pheromone, other ants join the circle journey, amplifying the chemical signal. The ants seem to be following an increasingly clear trail, while in reality they are circling around until they die of exhaustion. Only a few individuals manage to get out of the circle of death. 

The largest ant death circle was observed by the American traveler William Beebe in 1921 in Guyana. Its diameter was 365 meters, and it lasted about two days.

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