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This category includes not only pyrotechnic projectiles visible in the sky, but also traces of exploded projectiles, their fragments and other similar activities. 

Pyrotechnics is a branch of technology related to the technology of preparing combustible compounds and burning them to obtain a certain signal or effect.

Divided into:

  • military (such as flare guns, flash-bang special equipment, smoke bombs)
  • specialized (filming special effects, civil signaling devices, pyrobolts, railway firecrackers)
  • entertainment (mainly fireworks — firecrackers, sparklers, firecrackers, rockets, fountains, fireworks) 

Photoflash aerial bomb, FOTAB (photoflash bomb, flash bomb) — an aircraft bomb that creates a powerful short-term flash of light.

The main charge of the FOTAB is made of a powdered aluminum-magnesium alloy called a photo mixture. Along the axis of the aerial bomb, an ignitable explosive charge (VRZ) is installed, consisting of a mixture of an oxidizer and aluminum powder with magnesium. It is activated by a remote fuse. The explosion of which destroys the body of the aerial bomb, the photo mixture is scattered, ignited and burned using oxygen in the air. FOTAB 100 kg creates a flash with a luminous intensity of more than 2 billion candles lasting about 0.2 seconds.

It is designed to illuminate the terrain during night aerial photography from an airplane from altitudes up to 10,000 m, at flight speeds up to 1,000 km / h. Due to the advent of improved night optics, satellite images and stealth aircraft, these bombs are no longer used by the military.

Phosphoric ammunition is a type of incendiary ammunition loaded with white phosphorus or incendiary substances based on white phosphorus mixed with other substances. White phosphorus and incendiary substances based on white phosphorus belong to the group of self-igniting incendiary substances burning using oxygen from the air.

Flares or glowing bombs. They hover in the sky for a short time, for example, to simulate the air targets of a conditional enemy during exercises, to illuminate the battlefield, etc.

To prepare the flares, the military must adjust each of the timers so that they correspond to the distance the rocket will fall before it lights up in the night sky. 

"If I set the timer to 1000, the flare will fall 1000 feet, and at that time the timer at the top will unlock, the spring will turn off the timer and allow the parachute to open. Then the force of the parachute opening ignites the signal rocket," the sergeant said. Christopher Vines, loader VMGR-352, 25-year-old native of Littleton, Colorado. "Depending on whether it is an obvious or hidden (infrared) flash, it will burn for 4 or 7 minutes, respectively. After this time, the explosive bolt destroys one of the parachute cables, as a result of which the parachute collapses and frees the airspace for other aircraft."

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