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Abnormal zone on Mount Aragats in Armenia

Added Mon, 09/08/2021
Дата публикации
Mon, 09/08/2021

Many physical laws and phenomena seem to us unshakable and permanent. One of these is the attraction of the Earth, which affects all the natural processes taking place on it. We all know how gravity manifests itself. If you put the ball on the slope of the mountain, it will roll down, not up, passes with a link to

For the same reason, mountain rivers also flow down, not up. It would seem that there can be no other way. But no, there are places on Earth where the laws of physics that we are used to do not work, or at least do not manifest themselves at all in the way that we are used to. One of these anomalous zones is located in Armenia on Mount Aragats, located 30 km from the border with Turkey. Here everything happens exactly the opposite — the car on the mountainside itself begins to roll up. If you push the ball from the side of the mountain, it will roll down, and then stop and roll in the opposite direction. Even a mountain river flows up, not down. Such a mysterious phenomenon attracts thousands of tourists to this place. People note that they experience an unusual feeling here, since it is easier to go uphill than to descend from it.

Has the law of attraction been abolished?

The anomalous zone is located on the highway that leads to the seventh-century fortress of Amberd. The height above sea level here is about 2000 meters. Local residents are used to the anomaly and are no longer surprised by its manifestations. People from the nearest villages even say that this is not the only abnormal zone in this area. There are other similar sites in the mountains. However, the track at the foot of Mount Aragats is the most popular place, as the media has repeatedly written about it.

Such anomalous zones exist not only in Armenia, but also in many other parts of the world — in the Crimea, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Cyprus, Jeju Island in South Korea, etc. But why did they arise, do we really observe a violation of the laws of physics in these zones? This is unlikely, however, there is no consensus among scientists. Various versions are put forward, but many of them do not stand up to criticism. Therefore, the anomalous zones remain a mystery to scientists to this day. Note that anomalies on earth are not uncommon at all, and they relate not only to gravity, but also to many other phenomena.

The " anomalous gravitational zone” is nothing more than an optical illusion

As a rule, all such zones are located in mountainous areas. Therefore, some scientists consider them to be just an optical illusion. Since there is no clearly defined horizon line, and also due to the heterogeneity of the terrain, people think that they are going up the slope, but in fact they are going down. You can get acquainted with the details of this theory in the article "Anti — gravity hills are a visual illusion".

To make sure that this assumption is correct, it is proposed to use the construction level. However, it is logical that the level indicator will deviate to the side with a great attraction. That is, in the conditions of such anomalies, the level indicators cannot be correct. In addition, anomalous zones were also found on the plains, in particular in Moldova. Here, it will no longer be possible to explain the anomaly by optical deception. In addition, during various checks and tests, it was found that in this place the slope of the mountain is about 20 degrees, and the objects are really rolling up, not down.

On Mount Aragats, cars are rolling up due to an electromagnetic anomaly

Geophysicists believe that there is a large and heavy plate at the level of 500 meters underground. It is like a powerful magnet that slows down the movement of objects on the surface or even changes their trajectory. The force of its attraction is higher than that of the earth, hence this anomaly arises. The version looks somewhat fantastic — what size and what density should it be in order to cause such an effect?

Some scientists also say that the plate causes an electromagnetic anomaly. That is why cars roll up-the plate attracts them. By the way, we have already written about one scientifically proven magnetic anomaly on Earth, but it concerns the weakening of the earth's magnetic field. In this case, the assumption is easily refuted. The anomaly on Mount Aragats concerns absolutely all objects, including soccer balls and plastic water bottles.

The anomalous zone is a curvature of gravity

Armenian scientists associate the anomaly on Mount Aragats with the distortion of gravity. The latter, as is known, acts perpendicular from the center of the earth, that is, from the core. According to physicist Onik Khachatryan, in such zones gravity is curved, that is, it does not act perpendicular. Of course, the reason for this curvature is unknown.

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