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Bryansk blogger told about UFOs and other mysterious phenomena in the village of witches

Added Thu, 20/06/2019
Дата публикации
Wed, 19/06/2019

Blogger from Bryansk interested public with its story about a mysterious village, where, according to him, as according to statements of local residents, often seen these "flying saucers". In addition, other phenomena associated with mysticism, there is also enough. That is, for pseudo-researchers of the tasty morsel, and it is called Black Flux.

Apparently, lately, a little tired from the constant stories about UFOs, and the videos with the supposed space ships aliens already do not inspire even the most avid fans of UFOlogy. Rather, to talk about such things, of course, possible, but now it is better to do in admixture with other anomalies. At least, as the Russian press writes, so it seems, believes blogger and independent researcher Vladimir Chesalin living near an interesting village, where he worked miracles. If you believe the young man, amassed a lot of information on this subject, we are talking about real witches and phenomena, to explain which can only occultists.

Chesalin familiar to users of network on their other work and, of course, the guy also touched on the topics in which common sense and logic, the place is definitely not. Blogger has long been engaged in such activities, seeing in it a deeper meaning. Self-made expert trying to get to the truth, and his followers just wondering. This time Vladimir spoke about the village with a dark Black Thread. About her he had heard a long time ago and always wanted to see the local beauties in person, and eventually did it.

The guy said that mysticism is already teeming with Lyudinovo district of Kaluga region, where a strange village, and she is considered the epicenter of all the shit going on in the neighborhood. As Vladimir said, UFOs have not surprise people living in those places, as, indeed, ghosts. Ufologists, of course, also interested in such a scenario, however, especially no research on village or region none of them spent.

As for the Black Thread there, told the blogger, people ride do not want, because there are rumored to be strange and even dangerous things.

"According to local legend, some local residents were incinerated in a mysterious fire on the street, and it was not lightning, and spontaneous human combustion," said Vladimir.

The man also added that the village extends quite a gloomy forest, where it is impossible to meet a single soul. He suggested that this is the fault of the numerous swamps, or some kind of poison gas that killed the once all life.

"I have visited in this village had the feeling that the villagers had gone somewhere, after learning of their impending visit, and when they left, they returned. This may be a coincidence — people went to the forest to pick mushrooms or hay, or they have psychic abilities with which they can hide from the rest. At the moment it is impossible to say how things really are" — summed up Chesalin.

The materialists, in turn, do not believe in such tales we must believe. In addition, it seems strange the fact that Vladimir has not provided any evidence, which somehow got to be on the idea that in the Black Thread and really incredible things are happening. As suggested by skeptics, the locals came up with a beautiful legend, and the blogger told them to subscribers.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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