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Experts solve the mystery of the UFO wreckage that fell on the farm

Added Fri, 28/07/2023
Дата публикации
Fri, 28/07/2023

Last year, an Australian farmer reported the fall of a mysterious object on his territory, which was initially mistaken for a UFO. However, the true origin of the object has become clearer over time. What is this mysterious object? A UFO fragment that fell on a farm? Or something closer to a person, like space debris? Here's the story.

In 2022, images obtained by Reuters showed the presence of a black block 2.7 meters high on the farm land. The news hit the headlines, and some believed that a UFO fragment fell from above and crashed into the farm. In a conversation with The New York Times, the farmer compared the smell of the object with the smell of charred wood or burnt agricultural machinery.

This heavy charred fragment, estimated to be 80 cm high and weighing 15 kg, fell vertically on the farm of Mick Miners, and other fragments fell on a neighboring plot belonging to Jock Wallace. Both farmers hail from the Snowy Mountains area south of Sydney, New South Wales.

After these events, the farmers asked astrophysicist Brad Tucker to survey the area and investigate the mysterious cosmic remains, which, according to experts, began their journey to Earth on July 9. As the farmer said, he came across this object when he was grazing sheep in a pasture.

NASA experts say that the object is part of the SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, or rather a segment interrupted during launch last year. 

"Debris from the SpaceX mission. We remain in touch with our American counterparts, as well as with Commonwealth and local authorities as needed," the representative said.

NASA warned against handling such objects and recommended reporting them to the authorities immediately. Tucker, an experienced space expert, confirmed on his YouTube account that the wreckage belonged to SpaceX Crew-1, an unpressurized capsule that takes astronauts into space.

"The photos of the wreckage show charring, which should be associated with re-entry into the atmosphere. It's rare to see them land on land, usually it's the ocean. It was both exciting and strange," said the astrophysicist.

Speaking to ABC, Tucker added:

"People often think of space debris as small and burning up when entering the atmosphere, but most likely it will be large chunks like this." 

The falls of these space objects, which often occur from decommissioned satellites or rockets, are not unprecedented. There are tens of thousands of objects in the Earth's atmosphere that are thought to form a ring of space debris. Therefore, the appearance of a mysterious UFO fragment in the field is no longer a surprise. Unfortunately.

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