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Urban legends of Smolensk

Added Wed, 27/05/2020
Дата публикации
Tue, 11/11/2014

The main attraction of the old Russian town of Smolensk are the ruins of its fortified walls. Curious, what about them moves several curious legends, and the earliest belong to the middle Ages, and the most recent — to our days... But the most impressive associated with the name of Tsar Boris Godunov, allegedly impose on the fortress of the curse.

They say that the construction of the fortress (called the Smolensk Kremlin) wall was imbedded in the skull of a horse, belonging to the mercury of Smolensk — a Saint who lived in the XIII century, the town's patron Saint. And if, if really in danger, then out of the wall heard a horse neighing...

And still believe that, when he laid the city walls of Smolensk (and it happened during the reign of Boris Godunov), he imposed on them a terrible curse according to which anyone who tries to destroy the castle, waiting for otherworldly punishment. Maybe that's why the ruins are still in place.

Under the dome Taltarni tower visible inscription "Spider". Rumor has it that this was the nickname of one of the climber-lover who tried to climb the wall, without insurance. Once he climbed to a great height and suddenly, having unclenched fingers, fell down, fell to his death... Like suicide because of unrequited love...

The mysterious and legendary tower of the Smolensk Kremlin — fun. Beneath it though, lies a hidden gallery. And about the name of the tower there are two versions. One of them, near the tower was once a popular place for folk festivals of the citizens, that's why it was called Jolly.

But there is a terrible myth. Supposedly, in ancient times, the tower was bricked up for some sins the daughter of a landowner. The girl from loneliness mad all day and laughed a creepy laugh. In our days sometimes allegedly can be heard wafting in the night with the top of the tower a devilish laugh. Is laughing spirit of the dead daughter of a landowner, and died in prison...

The Fun was also the lair of a gang led by a Polish count by the name Zmeevski. The count rubbed to the credibility of the wife of a landowner, was kidnapped along with improvised her husband and was able to take control of their money. They criminal a gentleman built in a Fucking Ditch brick factory, in the basement of which have churned out counterfeit money. To local people avoided this place, Slawski and his accomplices staged witchcraft "covens". However, the band still opened. And inside the tower was discovered missing landowner who Zmeevski he was imprisoned.

But the fortress is not the only place in Smolensk, overgrown with myths. So, dungeons are Lopatinsky garden in Smolensk, was a former casemates, where they languished many famous people. For example, the Cossack atamans Kochubey and Iskra, who participated in the battle of Poltava Over the entrance to one of the galleries before the revolution, it was possible to distinguish carved in stone strange inscription in large font: "CABARELLO".

Some local residents believed that the name of one of the prisoners, the alien. But if a foreigner, why the name was written in Russian? Sounds much more plausible version is that it's a weird word made of the first letters of the names of the sons of the Governor Lopatina, after whom the Park got its name. Called them Kassian, Boris, Gregory and Alexey Lopatin.

By the way, in the former home Lopatin, located close to a Park, just opposite the building of the city administration of Smolensk, is now children's art school. It's like at night the empty corridors of the haunting Ghost of the woman in white.

Unknown spirit lived in the recent past and in the archive, which was located at one time in the building of the Smolensk Church. Archive personnel heard sounds and squeaks, and sometimes seen on the upper tier and the Ghost...

The Ghost several times twisted rope hoist, so people could not get to the top of the building. He also threw the boots that were issued to employees due to reigning in the room cold and usually kept on the shelves. Apparently, otherworldly entity did not like that the building is used for other purposes and secular purposes...

The seven-storey communal House was built in the early 30-ies as a residential building, and the place of the cemetery. It is named in honor of the Paris Commune, though because of the strange architecture of Smolensk called it "a Teapot". In the 70s there must have been a fire, after which the house went under resettlement. Since then, he's been abandoned. Sometimes there wander the Indies.

Rumor has it that in the "Kettle" lives some kind of demonic entity. The shots made climbed inside the adventurers, as it appeared a translucent image of a skull. And some people had allegedly personally to face a creature that looks like a large black lynx.

If you believe the scary stories, several times, most often in the autumn, near the house found the bodies of people and birds killed by the terrible "host." But that does not stop local teenagers and the youth to organize in the "Kettle" gatherings.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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