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Legends of the Green Island

Added Wed, 01/09/2021
Дата публикации
Tue, 24/08/2021

Many myths and stories are associated with the Rostov Green Island. What was not written about him, especially in the nineties of the last century! For many years, the island was a favorite place of the Don esotericists, magicians and sorcerers. What secrets are hidden in this part of Rostov, what it is really famous for and what is happening with the Green Island today, says the Don local historian Georgy Bagdykov.

The peak of horror stories came in the nineties, when many media outlets were looking for" fried " topics, and residents of the Don capital were happy to give them abundant food. And the flying saucer landed here, they say, because now this is a place of special power. It was often possible to see citizens wandering on the island with some frames, and some even arranged magical rituals.

They claimed that time changes and is distorted here. Some also said that it was easy to get into another dimension on the island. Rostov residents passed on stories to each other about how they got lost and spent half a day looking for their own. And when we went to the shore, it turned out that only ten minutes had passed. However, these comrades did not specify what condition they were in on this island. After all, picnics were often held there, citizens fried kebabs and, of course, drank alcohol. There was a special romance in it.

They also said that the Green Island is an abnormal zone where mutant plants grow. There was a legend among the people that after a flying saucer fell on the island, a secret laboratory was created there. However, some claimed that UFOs had nothing to do with it. They say that this laboratory was created by order of the NKVD leadership or even Stalin personally. And allegedly it was her, a certain secret laboratory, that was guarded by the NKVD regiment during the Great Patriotic War.

Of course, this is not quite true. More precisely, it's not like that at all. Karl Pchemyan, a veteran of the 230th NKVD regiment defending the Green Island, told about this very well at the time. According to him, the soldiers and officers defended their hometown and covered the retreat of the Red Army. In memory of the heroic defense of the Green Island, a memorial was erected on its territory 60 meters from the pontoon crossing in honor of the soldiers of the 230th regiment of the NKVD convoy troops of the USSR. The inscription on it reads:

"On November 21-29, 1941, soldiers of the 230th Rifle Regiment of the NKVD troops fought here on Zeleny Island, holding a bridgehead for launching a counterattack against the Fascist invaders during the liberation of Rostov-on-Don in 1941. Eternal memory to the soldiers of the Motherland!"

Initially, the island belonged to the city of Nakhichevan-on-Don, this can be seen from the city plan of 1918. On its maps, you can find a Green (Nakhichevan) island. That is, this place then had just such a double name.

Today, the island is not adapted for a normal holiday: it is not well-groomed, it is polluted with garbage. In summer, fierce mosquitoes reign here, and in winter it is almost uninhabited. Lush vegetation, fallen trees, wild dogs-is this not a reason to think that you have fallen into an abnormal zone?

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