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Legends of old Tallinn

Added Mon, 19/03/2018
Дата публикации
Mon, 19/03/2018

Tallinn is one of the most ancient and mysterious cities of Europe. Its atmosphere has always been imbued with the mystical spirit. No wonder it goes so many legends about ghosts and other supernatural phenomena.

Town hall square in the old days was used as the market was the heart of the Old Town. There were held all important town events, including the execution of criminals.

It is known about two cases of the death penalty in the square. The first executed was the pastor, in a fit of anger breaks the skull tavern maid who brought him the burnt omelet, and he came to the town Hall to confess. The second ratman, raspatelli his wife some state secrets discussed at the magistrate's meeting at the town Hall (by law it was forbidden). As punishment, the Alderman was forced to put his wife on the back and run around on all fours around the town Hall. Both – and pastor-killer, ratman-the gossip – was beheaded. Since then, the town hall square, sometimes appear phantoms.

Tower Of The Old City

The highest tower of Tallinn's Old town is called Kiek in de Kök ("Look in the kitchen"). Say from the top before you could consider that one of the residents preparing for lunch. Tower Neitsitorn ("Maiden") from the XIV century served as a prison for girls who refuse to walk down the aisle to the groom who chose them for parents. They were kept there until will not submit to parents ' will. Although, according to another version, there lived and worked girls-seamstress, and no special dramas occurred.

However, after 1980 in the tower Neitsitorn opened a café-bar with glintwein hall, there began to visit the Ghost of a man dressed in medieval fashion in a cloak and a beret with a visor. Once the headmistress cafe watched as the male silhouette disappeared in the wall... another time all in front of someone's invisible hand lifted from the counter of the bar and candlesticks with burning candles... Repeatedly shot glasses and cups on the tables started to move directly in front of the customers... And in the evenings in an empty room were heard the footsteps, talking, someone invisible was applauding heavy wrought-iron doors and snapping metal bars. All this made the establishment very popular with the so-called "Ghostbusters".

And here's another legend. I did my time in the vicinity of revel (the so-called Tallinn until 1919) couple – a peasant's son Hermann and the fisherman's daughter Margaret. In the evenings they are holding hands, walking around the city, but up to midnight had to leave and leave the city, because they were hanging some kind of curse.

Once the lovers forgot about the time. When the clock began to strike midnight, they rushed in different directions, but did not cross the border of the city. And then Herman turned to the tower (it was called "Long Herman," because the young man was slender and high). The tower was bland and the Margarita (the name of it is "Fat Margaret"). Both towers stand at opposite ends of the Old Town, where the lovers were overtaken by a fateful hour...

The maid is a vampire

Another attraction of Tallinn – the house №13 on the street Toom Cooley, is now the canadian Embassy. Writer August Friedrich Ferdinand von Kotzebue, in 1785, appointed President of the revel magistrate, in one of his novels recounted his story.

According to von Kotzebue, once the houses was owned by count Manteuffel. One of the rooms on the first floor he had given for remaining overnight at the hotel. And all who had to stay there for the night, later told about the Ghost of a young woman in black.

According to legend, a girl prizraki life was a housemaid of count, inflamed her lust. After she strongly denied the harassment lustful of master, he, enraged, as if ordered to immure her in a wall of the same room. By the way, one visited in the Earl's house guests were told that as soon as he sat down by the fire, from somewhere appeared a very beautiful girl in a black dress which approached him, wrapped your arms around his throat and biting his lips. The man lost consciousness and recovered only three days later...

Damn wedding

On Rataskaevu street (translated as "Wheel Well") tell a story. The house at number 16 lived alone. He managed to dissipate his fortune and get into debt. In desperation, the owner of the house decided to commit suicide. But in that moment, when he already was making a loop for the neck, it was a gentleman and he offered a bag of gold coins for permission to play at his house the wedding. The only condition was to keep it and tell you not to go during the celebrations of his room. Of course, the man happily agreed.

The next night the house was attended by hundreds of coaches. In all rooms lights went on, the music began. The whole house was shaking as if it danced at least a thousand people. But as soon as the clock struck midnight, all was quiet, and the lights went out.

Stepping out into the hall where the wedding was walking, he saw on the floor the soot traces of hooves in the Middle of the room was the promised bag of gold. The man rushed towards him, barely managed to touch it – and dropped dead...

According to another version, the owner took the gold and began to blow harder than ever. But his servant, who stealthily watched the wedding really soon died, having before his death to tell the priest everything...

Now this building is a hotel. And the window of that room, where supposedly the devil played the wedding, just in case I bricked.

Water from ülemiste

There are in Tallinn and water. Tell that from time to time passers-by on the streets of the city are looking gray-haired old man with a question: "finished?" It arowana - a water spirit dwelling in located near the Tallinn airport is the ülemiste lake. According to legend, if the answer to the question is positive, then the lake will overflow its banks and flood the city. Fortunately, in Tallinn there is always at least one unfinished object...

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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