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Небесные феномены

Added Mon, 14/10/2019
Дата публикации
Mon, 14/10/2019

The editors have received many letters asking to tell about so-called UFOs. Some readers something unusual in the sky seen themselves, while others convey to us stories of relatives or acquaintances, and others have learned their "knowledge" from some "lectures". What are the causes of certain phenomena? Seen anyone actually "flying saucer", whether communicated with beings from other worlds?

To answer these questions our reporter asked the Director of IZMIRAN V. Mikulina, the first Deputy Director of the Institute of applied Geophysics, S. I. Avdjushina and head of the Department of the Institute N. K. Pereyaslova.

- Start a conversation I would like the emails received recently. Here are some excerpts from them:

"I was a witness of the flight apparatus of unusual form (form resembled something round) and the equally extraordinary nature of the movement (without reducing speed, he made a sharp turn at a right angle). O. Shirokov, Moscow". "About 7 o'clock in the evening over the forest appeared large and bright star. When she got closer, I saw a ball with a visible size of a quarter the lunar disk. O. Yakovleva, g. Pushkino". As the scientists explain these phenomena?

V. Migulin:

In the atmosphere, of course, there are phenomena that impress observers with their uniqueness. We collect and process this information and must tell you that in the majority of cases all of these "fire balls" and "light spots" there's a perfectly reasonable explanation. In some cases, people have witnessed combustion in the atmosphere of parts of the defunct spacecraft, others face about a rare phenomenon - flying in the atmosphere the fireballs - quite a large celestial rocks. Very colorful, imaginative people spectacles occur due to artificial effects on the ionosphere of the powerful radioemission of different kinds of electronic, plasma and other beams, as a result of the issuance of a special glowing gases - such scientific experiments were conducted in various regions of our country, and that they often receive letters from observers.

It is appropriate to give the story that took place recently. While working aboard the station "Salyut-6" cosmonauts Yuri Romanenko and G. Grechko said to the ground, I observed an unknown object hovering over the Equatorial zone of the ocean at an altitude of about 50 km Near the area was our research vessel, and he was instructed to find out what kind of object it is. Any objects in the air, the sailors saw, and in exactly the cosmonauts square ocean they found is unknown as there puffy huge iceberg. Optics then explained to the astronauts that around the iceberg, the air is much colder than the outside, and that's due to the fact that the warm and cool air differently refracts light rays, creates the illusion of floating iceberg to stratospheric heights. Hopes for the meeting with the "platter" did not materialize.

S. Avdyushin:

Pilots and passengers of Airliners sometimes tell us about the observed during the flight a strange object, usually round or oval in shape. They are often observed from the ground. Upon closer inspection, the mysterious aircraft are rubber or plastic balloons-probes, which for research purposes are run in different countries. A few years ago, for example, such a probe alarmed the inhabitants of the Yugoslavian city of Sarajevo. The probes that fly at altitudes up to 20 km away, can be very different forms, say similar to milk duds. Their sizes are very different: for example, the cylinders manufactured by the French firm zodiac, such that they can freely accommodate Notre Dame Cathedral. Well illuminated by the sun, especially just after sunset or just before sunrise, they are a very impressive sight, and hanging from the probes of the containers with the scientific equipment can be taken for a fantastic antenna.

N. Pereyaslova:

Very often, after reading the letter, we can say that in this case the man was found about ball lightning. This mysterious phenomenon, scientists still unclear nature of its emergence and existence for a long time. In some cases, ball lightning shines brightly, others dimly, sometimes absorbed silently and without any effects, and sometimes explodes, destroying standing in her way things.

- Here is the letter sent to a resident of Poltava region N. Danko: "a Friend gave me to read a copy of the lecture one of the scientists - V. Agai. It States that Tehran saw two of enlonavtami growth of 3-3. 5 m In Brazil entered the restaurant the three-meter andonovska and asked for water. 150 meters and waited for a UFO,he picked her up and disappeared. Is this fiction or truth?"

V. Migulin:

Foreign Newspapers and magazines I read a lot of notes about the appearance of "flying saucers" and the earthlings meetings with representatives of other civilizations. However, all these sensational reports have nothing to do with real facts. No proof of such meetings, scientists do not have.

"Lecture" Century of Agai referred to in the letter do not stand up to scrutiny, and its appearance can be explained by the lack of responsibility of the people producing this "lecturer" on the podium. Stories about the really observed phenomena (by the way, more than 90% of cases having a clear physical explanation) V. Azhazha intersperses ridiculous speculation, raw data gives indisputable. In the texts of the "lectures" it is reported that the author is fellow, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, but it is not true: he's been fired from there.

S. Avdyushin:

We invited Vladimir Azhazha to Caltech, and he read his "lecture" scientists interested in this problem. After discussion from all the sensational stories left no stone unturned. In "lectures," for example, is the case of UFO landing, then left on the ground traces of the supports. The author States that this data is taken from the French magazine. However, "forgets" that in the next issue of the same journal about this story as an April fool's hoax... So that these "lectures" can be interesting only as a collection of modern fairy tales. Meanwhile, in nature there are many real, real mysteries, with clues which, perhaps, will have to work not one generation of researchers.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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