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Scientists have analyzed the DNA of "Yeti" hair found in the Himalayas

Added Mon, 06/11/2023
Дата публикации
Mon, 06/11/2023

Myths and legends about mysterious creatures hidden in impenetrable forests and on the tops of snowy mountains have always attracted researchers and other adventurers. Two brave travelers Andrew Benfield and Richard went in search of the yeti, a legendary cryptid that lives in the mountainous regions of India, Myanmar, Nepal and Bhutan.

Their journey was documented in a BBC Radio 4 program called "Yeti". Benfield, a writer and meditation teacher, together with Richard Horsey, a skeptic, decided to personally hear stories and stories about Bigfoot firsthand from local residents.

"If I could convince [Richard], I knew I was onto something," Benfield said, expressing his confidence in the seriousness of his venture.

During their journey, although they did not see this mythical creature themselves, Benfield and Horsey collected several hair samples that they considered possible evidence of the existence of the yeti. These samples were sent for DNA analysis, and the travelers were eagerly awaiting the results.

Now, a few months later, the results of the analysis became known, and they turned out to be completely unexpected. It turned out that the hair samples actually belonged to horses. It wasn't the result they had hoped for, but it didn't disappoint them.

Despite the lack of physical evidence, Benfield and Horsey note that the yeti continues to be a very important part of the local culture in the region under study.

"We realized that for most of these people, it doesn't really matter if they physically exist," Horsey said. "It's about the role they play in their world."

During conversations with local residents, they found that each of them had their own ideas about the yeti. Benfield stressed the importance of respecting the knowledge and opinions of local residents.

"Who am I to interrogate these people? They are there every day," he added.

Benfield and Horsey's journey in search of the Yeti may not have brought concrete evidence of the existence of this mythical creature, but it highlighted the importance of local legends and cultural nuances in our world. Perhaps one day the mystery of the yeti will be solved, but for now it remains a fascinating part of myths and legends.

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