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Strange and dangerous fogs

Added Thu, 05/04/2018
Дата публикации
Wed, 19/08/2015

Fog. It would seem that the normal atmospheric phenomenon, the cause of which, according to science, be the smallest products of the condensation of water vapor. But milk-white veil, cut off from the traveler of time and space, absorbing all the sounds, makes a person mystical horror, may raise a lot of horror stories.

Remember the movie "the Fog" (2005) directed by Rupert Wanita. Residents of a small town called Antonio in a very foggy night made a terrible evil. They looted and burned the ship, which was carrying a group of lepers. Since then, it took almost a hundred years. Life in the port town passed quietly and peacefully until, until one night Antonio suddenly enveloped (stable fog, from which exuded evil. He brought with him the souls of the ghosts who have been unable to find a calming... "So it's just a movie!" - you might say. But the reality sometimes can be more improbable than the most nightmarish speculations of the human mind...

The Ghosts Of La Mussara

La Mussara is one of the most mysterious places in Spain. It is still unclear why the inhabitants left the village officially ceased to exist on 10 January 1960. Representatives of various mystical sects, making a pilgrimage to this forgotten by God and people, the place, the main reason for this is the mysterious properties of the mists La Mussara.

Here is how this phenomenon is one of the Russian tourists:

"Yes, it was a strange fog. He began to exit the forest is thick, oily layers, as soon as the last ray of sun disappeared behind the mountains. The forest, which have not been cleared for the last 50 years and has grown freely, podlupa to the remains of the walls of the once homes, now looked bleak and inhospitable.

I had and early to see the fog, but I've never met. It was rather like some kind of fluid substance, it is not clear how holding onto weight. We cautiously approached the edge of the cliff, the edge was still visible in the rising, swirling like the steam over a cauldron of hell's kitchen, the fog. Where half an hour ago far below could be seen the first sparks in the towns and villages, and further from the horizon, grey-blue strip of the sea, stretched, absorbing everything in its path, not the fog, not really dense, gray vapor...

People say that in those days, when the fog was particularly thick, in the evening some watched the incredible scene right out of a floating heat haze appeared a procession of monks in long robes, faces were hidden under hoods so that it was impossible to consider. At the head of the procession was a monk with a large wooden cross in his hands. The brothers slowly coming out of the fog, some time went on, not reacting to anything around and suddenly disappeared in the gray misty haze.

Those who told this story, warned that in no case should one try to make contact with the monks, and even more trying to look under the hood, otherwise certain death. Many who stayed overnight in the city, then, describing his feelings, said that the fog was beginning to feel uncomfortable, and sometimes physically ill: he started to feel dizzy, chills attack, there was a perceived loss of strength. Nothing like I have experienced, on the contrary, feel a clear surge of energy, mood was great.

Moving in, thickening the fog, my husband and I joked a lot and laughed, delighted every detail, every out of place spoken word. It seemed that the spell of some dissolved was in this fog..."

Lost in time

Some people trapped in the fog La Mussara, lost, literally, in time. For example, a person spent in the fog 3 hours, and friends were looking for him for 10 hours. Or Vice versa, disappeared for a few minutes out of sight of the satellites the tourist was told about several hours of unsuccessful attempts to get out of the fog. Perhaps it is because in La Mussara is a portal to another dimension. However, this "door" is different from the others with its special power and a large number of disappeared or moved in time or space.

On the outskirts of Moscow is the Golosov ravine. Historians found in the Metropolitan archives document, dated the year 1621, which refers to the emergence of a dense greenish fog at the gate of the Royal Palace of a small detachment of Tatars on horseback with outdated weapons and old-fashioned clothes. Riders were immediately tied and interrogated. On questioning, it was stated that soldiers of the Khan Devlet Giray, who attacked Moscow 50 years ago! That was then, ancient record is silent.

Later in the Golosov ravine is not just mysteriously disappeared inhabitants of the neighboring villages. Historians argue that the archives of the police Department of the Moscow province documents are stored, which reported on two peasants, Ivan Bochkarev and Arkhip Kuzmin, missing in 1810, and unexpectedly appeared 21 years later! Farmers told how, coming home from a neighboring village, they decided to pass the path and go through the ravine, although he knew that this place was unclean. At the bottom of the ravine was swirling dense fog, but suddenly there was a corridor flooded with light. The peasants decided to go on it and meet people, overgrown hair.

Hairy people explained to them by signs that they were in a different world from which return would be difficult, but they will help them. Again went down a thick fog, and the peasants went on. Arriving at his village, they saw old wives and grown up children who hardly recognized. It turned out that it took more than 20 years! Modern scholars in the study of the bottom of the ravine was recorded quite a significant fracture in the earth's surface through which received powerful radiation. Quite possibly, this explains many mysterious phenomena occurring here.

The curse of the green netsanity

In the Russian North happen mysterious fogs, called "blue." They suddenly appear and as suddenly disappear. They can range in color from milky white to greenish and yellow-orange. They are sticky and cold, able to absorb the sound of the human voice. How many people are gone, lost forever in the vastness from Kanina to the foothills of the Urals, after the meeting with this mysterious fog! The first mention of it appeared in written documents of the XVI-XVII centuries, when the polar tundra started to come the other peoples.

Renowned documentary film Director Alexander Rukhlov wrote about it this way:

"Several centuries ago, Novgorod, Stroganov organized in the New Earth colony for the extraction of marine animals and furs. First colony flourished, but then suddenly all the colonists began to die one by one. Official Arkhangelsk Governor Klingstedt after talking with the indigenous people of the New Earth pointed out as the cause "of the deadly yellow fog.”

In the ancient legends of Northern peoples it is said that a fog appears on the ground suddenly if people violate the sacred commandments of the ancestors. This mist of Blue TAC consists of the souls of men, is not accepted the North star. According to eyewitnesses, he is spreading around the huge space, it compresses, extinguishes all the sounds, gives nothing to see, crazy, kills on the spot or forever "clouds”.

The only one not touched trouble, were natives of this area fog is not touched, at a time when all the ’Stroganov” died. They were killed settlers as due punishment for their evil misdeeds and deeds. Most importantly, they broke the "taboo" - began to look in the rivers "green selenica" - the sanctuary of these places."

In Russia since ancient times was famous for multi-colored pearls: white, light blue, reddish and black - it was used for decoration of icons, the Church clothes and utensils, and various embroideries, decorations and ceremonial robes. But he had one drawback - quickly lost the luster faded and crumbled.

The mythical "green selenica" is a special pearl, eternal, amaranthine, unfading. In ancient Samoyedic epic he was referred to as "sasuga". Perhaps this word is derived from "pearls", and may have some other, more ancient roots. Such unusual properties of the polar pearl acquires only in the rivers of the far North, receiving its power from the Polar star.

The Northern shamans were saying that a green pearl choose your own master and can make happy, and to bring trouble. In General, if you put together all the mystical stories associated with fog, you get a large library. This theme is truly inexhaustible. And often the phenomena occurring in the mist, unexplained by modern science.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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