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Стрекочущие "тарелочки"

Added Wed, 09/10/2019
Дата публикации
Tue, 01/07/1980

It tells the journal "Urania" (GDR), one of the American scientists of research institutes have discovered a truly surprising connection between unidentified flying objects (so-called flying saucers) and mass migration of the pest to forest lands - Clemens.

It was observed that the UFO almost always coincides with the onset of darkness. According to officially recorded 80 sightings of UFOs collected from 250 witnesses this, still obscure phenomena of nature, there is some reason to believe that:

  • the nature of the flight of the object object in the direction and speed of movement is not subject to any law,
  • the flight is accompanied by a noise resembling the buzzing of insects, and colored lights.

Witnesses say the striking coincidence of the shape of the moving object with a large swarm of insects utters when flying characteristic only for them sound buzz. Harder succumbed to the explanation of a light phenomenon. It is suggested that it can be explained coming from insects crown charged electricity particles, such as known in the art of lights Elmo. To prove their hypothesis, the scientists conducted experiments on insects in a strong electric field.

And it turned out that at a certain field strength calf insects emitted a whole range of colors - white, blue, sometimes red, green or orange. It has been found that a similar phenomenon can be observed in nature under certain weather conditions.

Scientists intend to examine in more detail stored in the archives of air force data on more than thirty thousand nabudere UFO and communicate with luminous insects to solve the mystery of this phenomenon of nature.

Translated by «Yandex.Translator»

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