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Zoologists have solved the secret of the Zaporozhye chupacabra

Added Thu, 09/12/2021
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Sun, 02/09/2012

In Zaporozhye, for the second week there have been disputes about the chupacabra, which hunters shot at an abandoned farm in one of the city's district centers.

The strange animal did not look like a wolf, a fox, a marten, or any other predator known in those parts, writes Komsomolskaya Pravda in Ukraine.

However, Zaporozhye zoologists have suggested that this is a Caucasian jackal that migrated from the South. Scientists are also considering the version that it could still be a raccoon dog or a mutant hybrid.

It turned out to be difficult to identify the animal also because zoologists did not see its carcass in their eyes. The hunters who shot the Chupacabra posted her photo on the Internet, and the beast was taken away in an unknown direction.

"As a rule, people took stray dogs for the mythical chupacabra, less often foxes and badgers. The reason for the unusual appearance of the animal is demodecosis. This disease affects the skin, and the animal's hair falls out," scientists from the NAS of Ukraine say.

According to them, puppies have an anomaly in development, the spine is curved. If the dog still survives, it looks bald, with a curved spine. When moving, such an animal jumps like a kangaroo.

Zoologists have also found out that wild animals with demodecosis die faster than stray dogs, as it is difficult for them to get food.

Note that demodecosis is a disease caused by a dangerous and difficult-to-treat tick - acne gland. Scientists note that the disease can also be transmitted to humans.

At the same time, the Institute of Zoology notes that when the animal was photographed, it was given a peculiar pose.

"The fangs were bared, the paws were tucked up and the animal itself was positioned in such a way that it looks like a kangaroo. A good taxidermist (specialist in the manufacture of stuffed animals. - ed.) can make you a chupacabra from anything," said Gleb Gavris, a senior researcher at the Institute.

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